Research Web Page

1 Purpose of this Assignment

Your job as a researcher is not only to come up with groundbreaking research results, but also to market these results to a broader audience. Research results that cannot be understood or applied by others are effectively useless. The audience you target may vary depending on the nature of your research (and the nature of your results), but can include parties such as other researchers in your field, people working on similar problems in industry, other colleagues at your university, news outlets, etc.

One of the first places that all of these parties may go to learn about your research is your personal Web page; therefore, it is important to have one! In this assignment, you will construct and publish a personal research Web page that summarizes your research interests, expertise, projects, and papers (if you have any of the above).

For one of the two research papers you selected in the first assignment, you should find a paper from another research area and come up with a possible research topic that involves the combination of the ideas from the two research areas. Each paper must be matched with a different research area.

2 Task

Construct a personal research Web page with the following components:

• Your name
• Your photo
• Your contact information (office location, phone number, etc.)
• A short summary of your research interests
• A section with links to papers and talks

Note: Try to make the page somehwat aesthetically pleasing. There’s no need for fancy colors, animations, flash, etc.; simple and readable is good. The goal should be a professional-looking page that efficiently transfers the “high-order bits” of information. For many colleagues, your Web page will be their first (and maybe only!) impression of you.